September 2013

We made it into this months edition of 'Anglers Mail.' There are lots of great tips and top tactics, and it really is worth a read. To see the article log onto our facebook page by clicking here!! Let us know what you think and also if you have any tips of your own you may (or may not) want to share. The lake has had a great summer and we sure it will continue to fish better and better as it becomes more and more established. keep looking for any dates in the diary that may come up soon and well as competition days. We are  sure its going to be a great winter as well....

July/ August 2013

Hello! Well, there is a lot to catch up on. There was a match at the lake last Saturday, Canvey and District. The winning catch was 159 lb which was pretty good! There have been lots of 20 lb ers being pulled out plus a nice 6.14 lb Ide which is very good for this time of year being cold water fish. As you may have heard some fisherys have been struggling in the recent very hot weather, and some fish have been dying. However, we have been very lucky at North Benfleet and have had no fish die on us which is a testiment to the quality and size of the lake we have. There are no matches until September now...... but please keep us informed of any great catches. We love to see pictures and hear stories!!!

June 2013

Hello all, we hope you have been having a good summers fishing so far. Just a quick update to say the fish have spawned and the lake is all set for a great summer, we just hope you are too! The grass has been cut and some maintenance has taken place in the lake, getting rid of troublesome reeds and so forth. It is now in tip top condition, we look forward to seeing you there soon....

April/May 2013

Last weekend the lake helped to raise £2400 for Cancer Research. It was a fantastic day, with lots of trophies awarded. The sun was shining and everyone was enjoying a burger and some cold drinks. There are now no more matches until September which means day fishermen will have total access to the lake. It is certainly set to be a brilliant summer at the lake....

February/March 2013

Hello everyone. Spring is in the air at last and lets hope for a fantastic, tight lined spring and summer 2013. The lake will soom be opening summer hours which means more fishing! The milder weather has made lots of the fish very nippy in the lake and you lot are getting more and more catches- it really is very exciting. We will keep you informed as to when more fish are added and take lots of photos to keep you in on all the action, as well as more detail about the fish themselevs. Do not miss out on the action! Get down to North Benfleet Hall Lake soon!

September/October 2012

Hello! sorry for the delay in monthly news but things have been hectic here! We are hoping to start a competitions page with results and pictures of all the competitions at the lake so any winning pictures you have would be greatly appreciated. The lake is looking good with fresh wood chippings to help keep everything clean and the grass and grounds are looking good- especially given the adverse weather of late. The lake has been fishing very well indeed and weekends have been getting very busy especially with Marions superb Burger van. There is nothing quite like Marions amazing burgers to start a great days fishing. We will be posting up coming news and events shortly to keep you updated..... happy fishing!

November/December 2012

WE ARE OPEN ALL XMAS EXCPET CHRISTMAS DAY, SO COME DOWN AND TRY OUT YOUR NEW GEAR! If the weather does turn icy again please just call Marion before you head down to make sure the lake is not frozen. Conditions have been far from ideal so far this autumn and winter but despite this our fantastic lake has still been fishing consistently well. We have recently have 3 competitions, Vange and Pitsea, Basildon District and Galleywood. The biggest catch was 18lb. The lake is topped up with all this rain and we look forward to adding more Tench and Carp next year so keep posted... MARION & EVERYONE AT NORTH BENFLEET WOULD LIKE TO WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A PROSPEROUS, TIGHT LINED NEW YEAR!

August 2012

I appologise for the delay in our monthly news feed, it has been a busy and hectic summer. The lake has been very busy with competitions and charity events- but has been fishing brilliantly! Our entrance should be completed soon so there are a few less bumps as you pull in. With some dreary wet days in August this autumn promises to much brigher and perfect for long days around the lake. A few of you have uploaded some brilliant photos on to our facebook page which is great- please carry on! we will uploaded some of the photos of your excellent summer catches soon so please keep checking our site, and any questoins or comments please drop as an email. 

January 2012

What a fantastic, tight lined start to 2012! The weather really has been on our side and fishermen have been pulling out up to 11 fish each. The biggest fish caught so far weighed 26lb and with the mild weather set to continue it looks like it might be a record breaking January for us. If you have any photos of the lake or fish you caught at North Benfleet Hall please email them in to us so we can post them in our gallery. We look forward to seeing you soon.

February 2012

The weather has not been on our side this month, but before the cold snap you were pulling them out thick and fast. The new entrance is coming on well and due to be completed in April. This will be a great improvement with re-surfacing of the track as well!

We have also had some great photos sent to us, so please keep them comming in!


March 2012

At North Benfleet Hall Fishery we have just added 500 bream 6- 8 inches and 300 Roach 8- 10 inches into our excellent 5 acre lake! With the lake already fishing really well this month , our new additions may mean you are pulling more fish out than ever in the weeks to come. With spring in the air, there is no better place to be. Our firends at Decathlon are hosting a charity match on the 15th April in aid of cancer research UK, they do this once a year and it always proves to be a fantastic day. It does however mean that the lake will be closed on this day and we apologise for any inconvenience this causes you. The good news is we are open every other day and night (if you pre book).

April 2012

We have had a great month at the lake, especially with all the new fish. You have been sending lots of great pictures to us and we will get them up in our gallery as soon as possible. The competition on 25th March, was a little chilly which didn't make things any easier for the fisherman but never the less they seemed to pull a lot of fish out. Just to remind you that there is a competition on Sunday 15th April, so the lake will be closed to all other fishermen. If you would like more information about this, or perhaps would like to enter please speak to Marion the bailiff when you are at the lake. All in all, it looks like this will be a great month for fishing at the lake, and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

May 2012

With a bit of a wet start to May it looks like it is only set to improve as the Summer approaches. Decathlon had a very successful charity match at the end of last month and raised £3100 !!! Despite the dismal weather, the lake is fishing very well indeed, and it is only set to get better as everything begins to warm up again. Why not book in for a nights fishing over the weekend or plan ahead and book in for the long Bank Holiday Weekend in June! Relax and unwind and get some serious catches under your belt! See you at the lake very soon! Ps we have our own you tube star, Ollie. Take a look for your self!

June 2012

We now have our own facebook page, so please follow the link at the bottom of the home page and get posting! We want to see all your catches and the spectacular views our lake has to offer! It looks as though after a rocky start to June in terms of weather, it is going to get dryer and brighter, which can only be a good thing. As we approach the longest day of the year (21st June) its a great time to pop to the lake after a hard day in the office. Bring the rest of the family for a bit of relaxation. the lake has not dissappointed- and judging by some of the photos you have sent in, has done anything but with some very decent sized fish indeed!!!

July 2012

Even when the weather is against us the lake never fails to disapoint with impressive catches. Hopefully the sunshine will come and brighten up the end of June and into July and August which seems to be the most popular month to fish at North Benfleet. Around the lake is in excellent condition and on weekends you will find Marion on her burger van, jsut what the doctor ordered before a days fishing, or after a long night fishing session. Grab your rods, stack up with bait and head down to the lake now!